Educating, swabbing, and running to end blood cancer!

Teecumpsy Wiggins



Known as Lady T-Bird to her friends, Teecumpsy is a very giving, honest, caring person. Always willing to help and give to others so much so that she and her third grade classmates started a group called Kids Stick Together to help victims and family members of the Sandy Hook shooting. They make products and decorate them with duct tape with 100% of proceeds going to a mental health facility that provides free counseling services to victims family and students of Sandy Hook Elementary. She enjoys cooking,softball, Girl Scouts, hanging out with friends,  playing dress up and being a girly girl. Teecumpsy is a bright little girl who one day dreams of being a chemist so she can have her own makeup line. No one would have ever imagined she would be stricken with leukemia. One who is naturally a giver now needs someone to give of themselves by being a bone marrow donor. Unfortunately, there was no identified person in the national registry but St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital bought Teecumpsy and her family hope offering parents of Bone Marrow Transplant patients the opportunity to donate stem cells to their children. Teecumpsys’ mother was her best match and on December 28 and 29, 2013 she received stem cells from her mother. Today, Teecumpsy is doing great. Bouncing back to her old self, she is currently living in Memphis due to having a compromised immune system but looks forward to returning to Arkansas to attend school and get back to her old life of hanging out with friends and being a regular kid. It’s so important for African Americans and other minorities to register as potential bone marrow donors. Minorities make up less than 10% of register donors. Because the lack there of, hopefully Teecumpsys’ story will encourage minorities to sign up today and make a life saving difference tomorrow.

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