Educating, swabbing, and running to end blood cancer!

Samantha Green

“I think it was December 2011 when I saw fliers around town w Leslie’s story & a swab station setup at the fire department. I had never heard of this before but after reading her story I knew I needed to swab. I googled & looked up info on being a donor & then found her page online to get a little more info. I registered that December and swabbing was so quick & easy!!!
I then had to withdraw from the registry in February 2012 bc I had a seizure. (I’ve had these since I was about 12. I can go years without having one though. To be a donor you must be seizure free for a year.) So in February of this year I called the number on the info sheet I filled out & they put me back in the system. Still waiting on the call to save a life!!”