Educating, swabbing, and running to end blood cancer!

Steve Jacuzzi



The GWL Advertising account supervisor was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma around Thanksgiving 2009. He is now past the mid-way point with his treatment and his cancer is in remission. “I had all the symptoms, which included fever, night sweats, a persistent dry cough and weight loss – about 30 pounds total. I, like most people, went through the shock of announcement and the fears that are associated with any cancer diagnosis. The hardest moment was telling my wife Stephanie, knowing the weight of worry and fear that it would put on her.”

Fortunately, he says “With conversations I had with Dr. Brad Baltz and my own research, I realized that Hodgkin’s is very treatable and even curable. I relied on my faith in Jesus, the overwhelming support of friends and family and the expertise of Dr. Baltz and his professional staff to help me knock this cancer out. We all face our mortality at some point in our life. At 41 years old, it was earlier then I wanted to face mine, but I know many children face is much earlier with various diseases including cancer. After facing it, every day is a bit brighter, every friendship is more special and every smile from you children wil light up your world like never before.” He says he appreciate the American Cancer Society for what it represents, which is “hope. Hope that someday cancer will be more curable and eventually gone. I believe it is possible to reduce or even eliminate cancer as long as there is a driving force such as ACS.