Educating, swabbing, and running to end blood cancer!

Mike Smyers – Tricia and Rob O’Connor

“Our family supports bone marrow swabs to identify new donors and the Fighting Red 5K event to end blood cancer. My father Mike Smyers died in April 2011 at MD Anderson Cancer Center after an 11-month battle with Leukemia. He fought Leukemia with the same commitment and courage that he ran marathons.  He ran with endurance. He woke up every day determined to make it a good one. He participated in and worked toward every goal set by his treatment team. Mike believed in the power of hope. Hope is what kept Mike fighting for a cure during his own personal battle with Leukemia as well as his 31-year career with the American Cancer Society.  For Leukemia patients like Mike, hope comes in the form of stem cell donors.  Hope made it possible for Mike to spend one more Thanksgiving and Christmas with his family.  Hope made it possible for Mike to walk the halls at MD Anderson while he waited for his transplant.

Please get swabbed, support the Fighting Red 5K and help to end blood cancer.”



Mike Smyers was 66. He had AML Leukemia. Three matches were found in a registry with 14 genetic markers. One was selected to do the transplant. His body ultimately rejected the new bone marrow which is sadly more common with people his age and older.