Educating, swabbing, and running to end blood cancer!

Emily Ingram

M, K, F

“There are too many young women being diagnosed with blood cancers.  I was one of them.  I was diagnosed on Mother’s Day while 20 weeks pregnant with my son.  After other treatments failed, a stem cell transplant saved my life.  Donating stem cells is a SIMPLE procedure and one of the easiest ways you can save a life.  Please get swabbed today to find out if you are a match for someone like me, a mom desperately wanting to know if she can plan a future with her children.  If you are pregnant, or plan on having kids one day, please learn about donating your cord blood through the Cord Blood Bank of Arkansas and give the gift of life, twice!”

Emily Ingram, Age 34
Survivor, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma