Educating, swabbing, and running to end blood cancer!

Colin Hall (Race Director)

“I swabbed for my friend Leslie Harris whom was diagnosed with AML Leukemia 5 hours before she delivered her healthy miracle baby. She has inspired me to do many bone marrow drives throughout Arkansas.

to date we have:

Over 7000 swabbed

Total Matches 111

8 Official Lifesaving Collections

I feel it is important to swab because there are so few people on the  registry. We need to give more people a chance at living. Only 1 in 20,000 people find a life saving match.

Think of the parent waiting for a match for their child. What would you do? Everything you can!

It is important to spread awareness and help people realize how far medical technology has come. The procedure to donate is much less invasive then it used to be.

A 5 minute swab could be the determining factor in saving someone’s life. I can think of no greater gift then giving someone the gift of life.

Please Swab today!” to order a free kit


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