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Barbie Jones

Barbie 2


Dear Friends,

It is with great pride that I share my journey with you.  The journey that has forever shaped the woman I am today.  My journey as a Hodgkins Lymphoma SURVIVOR….


In April of 2013 my life was forever changed when I heard the most terrifying news….What started as just a small lump on my neck quickly escalated to a diagnosis of Stage 2B Hodgkins Lymphoma.  Within less than 2 weeks I had undergone X-Rays, Cat Scans, Ultrasounds, Biopsies, a Port Placement, and the first of 16 ABVD Chemo treatments.  To say this time in my life was a blur would be an understatement.

Was I scared?  Yes…I was terrified.


Did I think that this could be how my story would end?  Yep…Every single day!


Did I ask “Why me?”?  Absolutely…Who wouldn’t?


Yet it still amazes me to this day that a journey such as this can truly make me feel like the luckiest woman on this earth.  I am blessed with an amazing husband that stood by my side thru every step, who made me feel like “bald was the new beautiful”, and who never let me give up hope.  Two awesome boys who took each day with such grace, who let me cry, watched me struggle, and yet never let me slow down.  A dad who let his true colors shine….He held me up when I know it was the hardest thing he could do.  He had already watched my mom go through the same thing 30 years ago; I can’t imagine how hard it was to watch his baby girl endure this.  A mom who had already won her battle with HL and was able to honestly know how I was feeling.  Countless family and friends who made sure we were taken care of, who prayed for us, cooked for us, and made sure we were financially ok.  I have been blessed, simply blessed.