Educating, swabbing, and running to end blood cancer!

Adam O’Dell – *Official Bone Marrow Donor

“I signed up with DKMS after seeing Leslie’s story on KATV in February 2012. After several months I was contacted about being a possible match. Additional blood testing showed the match was close enough to move forward with the donation process. I was informed that “my match” had been diagnosed with Leukemia and a stem cell transplant was his best option. The peripheral blood stem cell procedure does not involve surgery. I received Neupogen (filgrastim) injections for the 5 days leading up to the donation. The injections help my body produce additional stem cells and caused some minor discomfort but nothing that required pain medication or time off from work. DKMS ( paid for me and my wife to fly to and from the hospital where the donation was performed. I did not have to spend any money or miss any work outside of the actual day of the donation. The procedure consisted of each arm being hooked up to an apheresis machine for 5 hours but any discomfort was minimal and the nurses were very helpful.”